Natural Products Expo East Highlights: To Drink

The Natural Products Expo offered thousands of companies a platform to showcase their goods.  There were thousands of visitors as well so apologies for the poor sound quality in the videos below.  Here are notables in the category of To Drink:

Galilee Tisanes – Galilee Tisanes has made it their mission as a company to find the perfect balance between agriculture, herbal medicine and technology.  Each tea blend targets a specific malady and provides a tasty brew as well.

FRESH Natural Spring Water – FRESH Natural Spring Water offers a natural pH balance of 7.9 to hydrate on a deeper level than plain H2O.

Wild Poppy – Wild Poppy juices are small batch, organic juices in vibrant, sophisticated blends.  Their branding is as delightful as the line is tasty.  This one’s a winner.  Wild Poppy Organic Peppermint Lemonade is our favorite.

Pukka Organic Teas – The British know tea.  The word ‘pukka’ is Indian for the best, and indeed, this line is indeed pukka.  Pukka offers thoughtful blends based on Ayervedic medicine.  The line succeeds for pure sipping pleasure and sensuous fragrance.  The branding of this exquisite line of organic herbal blends has elevated their packaging to art form.


Bruce Cost Ginger Ale – Bruce Cost Ginger Ale out of Brooklyn is made with only fresh ginger and pure cane sugar.  Unlike mass produced syrupy ginger ales, hand crafted Bruce Cost Ginger Ale is light, refreshing and full of ginger vibrance.  Love this line.


Suja Juice – Crafted for elevated wellness, Suja Juices are packed with fresh fruits, vegetables and flavors.  Each juice has a distinctive taste and tastes freshly squeezed.  The Master Cleanse is my favorite.

Natural Products Expo East Highlights: To Heal

The Natural Products Expo offered thousands of companies a platform to showcase their goods.  There were thousands of visitors as well so apologies for the poor sound quality in the videos below.  Here are notables in the category of To Heal:

Intimina – Intimina is a European line of washes, accessories, personal massagers and kegel exercisers designed with women’s health (and pleasure!) in mind.  This beautifully branded line uses graduated weight balls for insertion to improve pelvic floor muscles.  A sexy, sleek and intuitive line.

Squatty Potty – Squatty Potty wants to know, Have you pooped today?  They sported tee shirts and oversize buttons with the same question and invited passersby to sit down on the toilet in their booth to get into squatting position.  Founder Bobby Edwards is on a mission to get his ergonomic footstool (inspired by his mother’s struggle with colon problems) into bathrooms and get people squatting to improve colon health, maximize elimination, reduce hemorrhoids and constipation and even strengthen pelvic floor muscles.  Squatting is ideal for laboring women and just about anyone else who enjoys the myriad benefits of this humble position.

RHWAF logo small

Woo Bamboo – Woo Bamboo are eco-friendly toothbrushes made of organic bamboo.  Unlike the traditional plastic toothbrush, they do not get sticky and are compostable.  No reason not to woo, we say!  This three-month old line is quite eco-friendly and likeable.

Dairyface – Dairyface is a line of dairy-based skincare lotions that have a rich, creamy texture and are loaded with skin moisturizing healthy fats.  The line must be refrigerated.


Worker B – I have used Worker B Raw Honey Face Wash every morning since my return from Natural Products Expo.  Worker B is based in Minneapolis and uses locally sourced raw honey which is loaded antioxidants.  All of their products are hand-made in small batches and ideal for ultra-sensitive skin.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 3.34.36 PM

Dr. OH Patch – The Dr. OH Patch uses essential oils and herbs in a transdermal delivery system to alleviate menstrual cramps.   A smart concept for women who want to avoid OTC pain relievers.

Natural Products Expo East Highlights: To Eat

The Natural Products Expo offered thousands of companies a platform to showcase their goods.  There were thousands of visitors as well so apologies for the poor sound quality in the videos below.  Here are notables in the category of To Eat:

Smart Flour Foods – Anyone who is gluten-free knows how hard it can be to find a delicious gluten free pizza.  Smart Flour Foods has solved that problem for gluten-free foodies by creating a line of pizzas that feature a crunchy crust reminiscent of wood-fired pizzas.  This is an outstanding pizza line.

Wild Friends Foods – Wild Friends Foods are a tasty line of nut butters featuring ingredient pairings started by two very clever twenty-somethings.

Bill’s Best Organic BBQ Sauces – Bill’s Best organic BBQ sauces are based on family recipes passed down to Jason Fehon by his father who suffers from  Frontotemperal Degeneration.  10% of each bottle purchased is donated to finding a cure for the disease.  Jason’s a young, passionate entrepreneur who runs the company with his brother.  Ingredients are first rate, from organic Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar to exotic imported spices.   Beautiful packaging.  Regular and spicy versions, both excellent.

DF Mavens – DF Mavens call themselves the finest producers of dairy-free ice cream.   Bright, fresh flavors impressed.

Mamalicious – Mamalicious protein powder uses brown rice as a protein base, providing an easy option for mixing with liquids or smoothies to up vitamin, mineral and nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.


Real and Wonderful – Real and Wonderful are the makers of delicious raw foods.  With a line of snacks ranging from Vanilla Macaroons to Red Pepper Herb Crackers, Real and Wonderful offer feel-good raw snacks in tempting flavor combinations.

Bear Branch Milling Co.  –  ‘A man full of grits, is a man full of peace.’  That’s the motto of Ash, North Carolina’s Bear Branch Milling Co.   This is the real deal.  The line is made in a 100+ year old mill and includes all natural stone ground yellow and white cornmeal, grits, as well as whole wheat flour milled from whole grains, free of additives or preservatives.  Its corn is not genetically modified.  The entire line is gluten-free.  Beautiful packaging, honest and simple.


Gunshot Sauce – Gunshot Sauce, a versatile vinegar-based gourmet sauce from Shade Tree Sauce Company, is a natural to pair with proteins, to punch up salad dressings and slather on eggs.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 3.18.36 PM

NoTatoes – NoTatoes are from Sorilito Foods in Bethel, CT blending cassava with corn.  The result is a crispy, lightly salted alternative to tortillas.  Kid-friendly with enough sophistication to appease adults.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 3.19.39 PM

Treeline Cheese – Treeline Cheese dares people to be dairy free.  These artisanal cheeses are made from Brazilian cashew nuts but still have a delectable creamy texture and tang.  I particularly liked their smoked hard cheeses.

Seasnax – Seasnax make noshing on seaweed as a snack rather addicting.  Made with olive oil and a pinch of sea salt, Seasnax are a healthy snack both mother and child approved.  My favorite is the regular although multiple new flavors have emerged.

Natural Products Expo East Highlights: To Use

The Natural Products Expo offered thousands of companies a platform to showcase their goods.  There were thousands of visitors as well so apologies for the poor sound quality in the videos below.  Here are notables in the category of To Use:

EZ Squeezees – EZ Squeezees, a refillable pouch, was created with two things in mind:  cost savings and providing a convenient way to carry nourishing meals on-the-go.  I tried them with my son’s morning smoothie with good results.  Ideal for younger kids as the capacity is somewhat limited.  EZ Squeezees are easy to use with a pinch zipper allowing you to refill the pouch with your squeezable food (soup, pureed fruits, smoothie) of the day. Even better?  EZ Squeezees are dishwasher safe.

Full Circle – Full Circle introduced me to my new favorite water bottle.  Their Wherever Water Lemon On-the-Go Glass Water Bottle allows you to juice  citrus directly in to the water bottle.  If there are pits? No problem – the juicing contraption keeps them from entering the bottle.  That’s what I call smart sipping.  Add a couple packets of Nektar Natural crystalized honey and you have a healthy alternative to Gatorade.

Woolzies Dryer Balls

Woolzies – Woolzies Dryer Balls are a product to make drying laundry more efficient by cutting down drying time by 25%.   Handmade in Nepal, Woolzies are pure wool dryer balls that act as a fabric softener when drying clothes, minus all the harsh chemicals.


Savvy Green – Savvy Green offers eco-friendly laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent and oxygen brightening powder.  The laundry line is ideal for those with sensitive skin as it is free of harsh chemicals and doesn’t leave residues which build up in machines.  Recyclable packaging makes this line extra savvy and green.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 3.03.07 PM

Pivotal 5 –  Pivotal 5 offers practical, well-styled and reasonably priced yoga and pilates mats and accessories.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 3.05.43 PM

Kid Konserve/U-Konserve – If a waste-free lunch package sounds appealing to you than U-Konserve products should be on your list of things to invest in.   Whimsical and colorful packaging and stainless steel leak proof containers make this line smart and hip.  U-Konserve products are a natural alternative to the brown bag way of lunch.


Sili Squeeze – The Sili Squeeze is an ergonomic alternative to those chemical-ridden sippy cups that were impossible to clean and dangerous when thrown.  BPA- PVC- and Phthalate- free, Sili Squeeze bottles are a reusable food pouch intended for homemade smoothies for both children and adults.


Bum Boosa – Bum Boosa products are an innovative line of bamboo-centric diapering and toilet paper products.  Created by a group of mothers in Massachusetts who wanted healthier bathroom products for their family, Bum Boosa is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional bathroom products.