Essio: A Great New Way to Enjoy Aromatherapy

Unwind with Essio's in-home aromatherapy products
Unwind with Essio’s in-home aromatherapy products

Stepping into a steaming hot shower on a cold, winter evening or morning is quite possibly one of the most satisfying experiences life has to offer.  But wait…it can actually get better.  A company called Essio makes an easy-to-use aromatherapy shower attachment that allows users to get a spa-like experience from the comfort and convenience of their own home. The company approached me to sample the product and I gladly accepted its shower kit. I use essential oils throughout the day and evening – from throwing eucalyptus and rosemary oil against the shower wall as the steam releases the aroma in the morning to dabbing uplifting peppermint and sweet orange oils onto my wrists mid-morning to tossing more oil against the wall in the evening, perhaps blending lavender and rose to invite relaxation and slumber. I drop the oils into the bath tub when my kids are achy from sports and want to immerse themselves in warm water. But the challenge for me in using essential oils in the shower has long been maintaining the aroma throughout bathing, not simply at the beginning of showering.

For those who aren’t familiar with aromatherapy, it is an ancient art that uses the power of scents derived from essential oils and other natural compounds to enhance mood, promote relaxation, and stimulate the mind. Aromatherapy has been shown to activate the limbic system and other emotional centers in the human brain.  It has been used for thousands of years and across many cultures including ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Egyptians.

So what’s noteworthy about Essio? Essio’s product attaches directly to any showerhead and automatically dispenses controlled amounts of specially formulated essential oils into the shower stream.  They offer a wide variety of essential oil pods which help achieve specific health goals.  For example, the formulation called Breathe which contains peppermint and eucalyptus is designed to clear the sinuses and soothe the lungs (a favorite of People magazine).  Another pod called Night blends orange blossom and lavender to help users achieve and sustain restful sleep. The pods release the essential oils drop by drop into the spray of the shower, creating a continuous flow of aroma while the water runs. When you are finished showering, the pod can simply be returned to an upright position to cease its dripping.

Each pod contains a special blend of essential oils
Each pod contains a special blend of essential oils

The complete starter kit which includes the Essio shower attachment and three essential oil pods (each pod lasts for approximately 3-4 showers) is a great option if you’re looking for a “steamy” Valentine’s gift under $50.

Essio's aromatherapy kit makes a great Valentine's Day gift
Essio’s aromatherapy kit makes a great Valentine’s Day gift

Note: ESSIO is now offering a special Valentine’s promotion:  purchase the starter kit, $44.99, which contains the shower arm, and receive as a free gift-with-purchase a refill pack of four “Passion” pods ($19.99 value).  Enter code BEMINE at checkout. 


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