Organic Alvita Tea – Tasty Antidote to Winter’s Chill

On chilly winter days, there are few things more relaxing than a hot cup of tea.  Organic Alvita herbal teas come in 34 varieties which makes staying warm and sipping well easy and enjoyable for even the pickiest of tea drinkers.

Founded in 1922, Alvita is one of the oldest herbal tea brands offering single-ingredient teas ranging from traditional to unique.  With varieties ranging from ginger root, chamomile, milk thistle, dandelion and licorice root, sipping plain or mixing tea sachets is a culinary adventure.   Here are a few winter recipes from Alvita’s:

1. Mix ginger and peppermint teas and add fresh peppermint leaves and lemon and a cinnamon stick garnish.  I bring with me to yoga class in my water bottle.

2. Combine two parts dandelion root with one part licorice and fennel.  Add milk and cinnamon and honey to taste for a dandelion chai tea.  I like this to calm the tummy and invigorate the palate.

3. Many people sip green tea during cooler months for its immune boosting qualities.  Try Alvita’s Green Tea (available in decaf) along with lemongrass for a refreshing kick.  I often thin my smoothies with green and other teas.

4. Fennel and chamomile together or on their own are excellent digestive aids.

5. Nettle and milk thistle were my favorites, along with Red Clover, in my breastfeeding days.  They may contribute to milk production and are good friends to the female reproductive system.

Each Alvita Tea is labeled with individualized preparation instructions.  The company practices sustainable harvesting using organic herbs whenever possible and delivering carefully harvested teas in earth-friendly packaging.  I love the illustrations on the boxes.  Tea boxes are made from 100% recycled paperboard adorned with hand-illustrations, and the English, pillow-style teas bags are oxygen bleached, not chlorine-treated.

Jodi Kovacs contributed to this post.


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