Nadeau: Handcrafted Furniture With a Soul (That You Can Afford)

Rolling cart ($480)
Rolling cart ($480)

Furniture is one of those things that has the potential to provide us with the best of both worlds – functionality and aesthetic appeal.  I personally love pieces that are handmade.  Furniture that is created by the skilled hands and discerning eye of a craftsman has an organic feel to it that is hard to find in factory produced items.  Of course, handmade furniture also tends to be on the expensive side.  Fotunately, for those of us who yearn for a one-of-a-kind piece without the nausea-inducing pricetag there’s a lovely company called Nadeau.

Metal and wood combination island ($578)
Metal and wood combination island ($578)

Nadeau was founded in 1991 by Tom and Ryoko Nadeau as a wholesale furniture warehouse but it evolved over the years into a successful, retail business.  Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Nadeau now boasts a total of 22 stores in 14 states across the U.S.  Perhaps the secret to Nadeau’s success is the fact that although they transitioned into retail, they have maintained their incredible wholesale prices ($347 for a gorgeous marble top kitchen island? Unheard of!).

Marble top kitchen island ($347)
Marble top kitchen island ($347)

Tom and Ryoko tirelessly travel the globe every year hopping from continent to continent in order to procure the most interesting, durable, and beautiful furniture.  They clearly believe that variety really is the spice of life; they have over 6,000 unique pieces in their collection.  Each item is handmade by local craftsmen in India and Indonesia (never mass produced) which means that each is unique – a functional, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Two toned basket island ($553)
Two toned basket island ($553)

Nadeau doesn’t currently provide shipping services (which is one of the factors that keeps their prices so low) but they do import directly to their 22 store locations.  Because their furniture is so distinct and original, there’s no need to wait four or six weeks for an order to come in – just walk in, fall in love with a piece, and walk out with it the same day.

For more information about Nadeau visit

New York Location:

57 E 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
(646) 602-9507 tel
(646) 602-9509 fax

Hours of Operation: 

Mon – Wed: 10am – 6pm
Thu: 10am – 8pm
Fri – Sat: 10am – 6pm
Sun: 12pm – 6pm


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