The Other Macaroon: NJ Bakery Brings a Bakery Fresh Favorite to Your Freezer

The Other Macaroon is their creative take on the delicious French pastry

The Northern Valley Baking Company got its sweet start in 1986 when pastry chef Tricia Vanech and her business partners, Elyse Pressner and Eve Megerle founded their first pastry shop in Jersey City.  Their first venture was a hit, and they launched La Petite Patisserie in Dumont, NJ in 1993.  Tricia, Elyse and Eve proved they were much more than another cookie-cutter pastry shop.  They made hand-crafted treats with the best ingredients and a meticulous eye for detail.  The trio have recently perfected another popular dessert—the macaroon.

The Othe Macaroon is a bakery fresh cookie you can keep in your freezer!

Inspired by the French cookie, The Other Macaroon is a frozen variety that has a lovely, chewy texture and the right amount of almond essence.  And, now that the Northern Valley Baking Company has began manufacturing their products for national reach, The Other Macaroon can be shipped right to your door.  In addition to the traditional almond flavor, The Other Macaroon is available in mocha, lemon, orange and raspberry.  The Other Macaroon can be purchased in bulk and kept in your freezer for a perfect bite-size treat to satisfy your sweet tooth at any time.  Whole Foods Market now carries the line in its frozen section.

The Other Macaroon (T.O.M.)

For more on The Other Macaroon and the story behind it at Northern Valley Baking Company, visit

Post by Jodi Kovacs


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