GoBites: Whole Snacks Delivered

GoBites are portion controlled “snack packs” made with healthy ingredients from around the world.  The ingredients are 100% natural and include nuts, seeds and grains, fruits and exotic berries.  GoBites offers over 26 varieties of snacks and works with a variety of diets including:  Mediterranean, Glycemic Index, High Fiber and Gluten Free.  What is nifty about this product is that the palm-sized, low cal snack packs have custom delivery options and the variety of the packs included is based on customer preference.  We tried the Pomegranate Punch pack, which includes organic pineapple, mango and pomegranate, and what we enjoyed most was the sweet-tart flavor of the pomegranate pieces.  The Apricot Gluten Free Granola was a bit tough to chew, as the apricots were happily non-preserved, but really stuck to the teeth and left a slightly unpleasant after taste.  I would have liked a kick of ginger in this granola, perhaps delivered through crystallized ginger chunks instead of the organic ginger powder which was likely the culprit behind the aftertaste.

All in all, this is a fine option for people who want pristinely packed organic snacks conveniently delivered to the home, office, college dorm.  The dried fruits are excellent quality and the serving sizes are perfect for a couple handfuls of fresh tasting dried fruit.

Subscriptions start at $27.86 a month, with free delivery. For more information visit www.gobites.com

GoBites Snack Packs in the delivery package
GoBites Snack Packs in the delivery package
GoBites Apricot Gluten Free Granola
GoBites Apricot Gluten Free Granola

GoBites was sent to Redhead With A Fork free for review purposes.

Nicolette Bussanich, research associate, contributed to this piece.


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