Dosateria by Cafe Spice: Indian Street Cuisine at Whole Foods Market Edgewater, NJ

Chef Hari Nayak has brought Indian Street cuisine to Whole Foods in Edgewater via Dosateria by Cafe Spice.  Nayak, 34, is a CIA-trained culinary consultant and author of My Indian Kitchen, Easy Indian Cooking, Modern Indian Cooking and Spice, which feature his simple yet eclectic style of cooking.  His blending of spices with other ingredients adds a modern twist to classic Indian traditions.  The cookbooks are available online at and and prices vary.  Easy-to-follow, the cookbooks are worthy reads (reviews and recipes in an future blog).  On to Dosateria though…

Chef Hari Nayak
Chef Hari Nayak
My Indian Kitchen Cookbook by Hari Nayak
My Indian Kitchen Cookbook by Hari Nayak

Dosateria cafe creates traditional Dosas, Biryani bowls and Bombay Frankies and also has a Lassi Bar.  Lassis are low-fat yogurt smoothies that are blended with fruit or vegetables.  A 16 oz. lassi costs $4.50.  The cafe’s signature meal is the Dosa, an Indian-style Crepe, which is made with rice, lentil or whole grain batter and then loaded with savory fillings.  At a recent visit to Dosateria, we were able to sample a variety of fillings, such as meats and chutneys.  My hands-down favorite was the Butter Chicken, a fragrant sauteed chicken thigh perfumed with cardamom, cumin and fennel, tender and succulent.  Multiple chutneys are available, and the Butter Chicken (Ghee, clarified butter) is used extensively in the filling preparations as well as the Dosa preparation, pairs nicely with the mango chutney.   Other chutneys, all made on premise, include tomato mustard, avocado wasabi and coconut with green chilli.  Chef Hari suggests pairing fresh cane juice with Dosa, using a ready supply of long sugar canes displayed like flowers.  The cane juice extract is then blended with lemon and ginger, creating a sweet yet tart concoction.  The menu provides lots of options along with a “Make Your Own” section, where customers can customize their meals by adding any type of filling, chutney or topping.  Images and video interviews from my Dosateria visit follow.

Dosa fillings, chutneys and toppings
Dosa fillings, chutneys and toppings


Nicolette Bussanich, research associate, contributed to this piece.


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